This website is about

The Quality of Life and Improving it.

By little steps, exercises, insights and stories.


By a Massive Opportunity for Change,

Through learning Online Marketing,

And build up a New Lifestyle,

Designed By Yourself.  For yourself.

Hi! We are Jolanda and Ruud and we are glad you are here!

“If we could build our lives from scratch, what would it look like?”

That’s the question we asked ourselves and that’s the point where our journey began.

We are in a changing phase of our life, and it is good and exciting.

By building our online marketing business and a

laptop lifestyle we create freedom on several areas for ourselves.

• Freedom of the 9 to 5

• Freedom to live and work where we want

• Freedom of how our work will look like

So that’s great.

But it takes a lot of thinking and feeling to decide what we really want.

Our plan is to take people with us on our journey.

People in change who want to interact with us.

Start a conversation to learn from each other and enjoy life together.

Also, we will tell about the great opportunity that

SFM, The Six Figure Mentors, are for us in building our new life.

We want to share our adventures and all kinds of things along the way.

We hope you’ll join us.

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What do we want to share with you?

We like to share what moves us in this for us new time. The challenges and new insights about life.

What choices are we going to make now we have so much freedom? What is important for us? How do we want to live in this place and time? How are we gonna “Reinvent Life”?

  • We will blog about things we learn and experience.
  • And tell more about ourselves and why this change took place.
  • SFM, the educational platform that provides our “earn while you learn” journey, will be a topic.
  • We share all kinds of valuable and beautiful things.
  • Travelling and living and working longer periods abroad is our big goal, so that will be a recurrent item.

We hope you will enjoy our website. Let’s make the journey together towards a more consciously chosen life. Share with us what moves you. Let us know if we can do something for you. 

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“True fulfillment only comes from helping others”

That’s me, just sitting and being happy at a Norwegian lake.“True fulfillment only comes from helping others”I read this quote and it resonated with me.It’s exactly what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months. Only I never thought of the right words to put...

Can I quadruple my income working 1/4 of the time?

That’s an awesome question… Who doesn’t want that?Earn a good income, work less, no more 9-to-5, have freedom. ​In fact, a lot of people do it, and earn a 6 or 7 figure income.No tricks. No scams.It’s about working smart instead of hard.And you have to be ready. Time...

Do you allow yourself to be successful?

Are you familiar with The Law Of Attraction? Let me explain our connection with it. When we started with SFM we were really surprised. We found out that The Law Of Attraction (LOA) was a major part of the journey we’re on. I already knew a little about it. But Jolanda...

About us

She is Jolanda. He is Ruud. We are in a bit of a change. A big change actually.

Enjoying everyday life and making the most out of it is the base of our life. We decided to change and improve our lifestyle. Now, still working 9 to 5, we are building up our own online marketing business that will provide us with several freedoms.

  • The freedom to work and live where we want.
  • The freedom to work when we want.
  • The freedom to do work we love.

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The Laptop Lifestyle

A Laptop Lifestyle = building a lifestyle around your work, with only a laptop and internet connection needed.

It’s a way to build all kinds of lifestyles around it. Our first step is to become affiliate marketers; selling other peoples products in return for a commission on closed sales. That way we create ourselves the freedom to live and work wherever we want and give up the nine-to-five job. We visualise ourselves working on a terrace in Venice, a beach in Holland, or overlooking the Mediterranean. Or at any place that ‘calls’ our name.

That’s how we do it. But a laptop lifestyle can be used in many ways. For example:

  • To spend more time with your kids. Work from home instead of in an office with the kids in daycare
  • To scale up your retirement pension
  • To pay your study
  • To earn more money to pay of debts or alimony
  • A laptop lifestyle can be a solution for all kinds of problems and needs.

We get our education from SFM – The Six Figure Mentors. They provide us with a high-level marketing education, including support and live training sessions, calls, and coaching. We can use their “earn while you learn” business system. As the cherry on the cake, we were welcomed by a warm community of like minded and supportive people all around the world!

The education is partly based on the Law of Attraction, setting your mind and creating good habits.

Just the place for us to lay a good foundation, through consistent working and learning, for our dream life.

Do you have great desires to? Dreams of which you don’t think they are possible? Maybe they are possible after all.

We never dared to dream about the life we are building now. We never thought it was within our reach.But it was. We only didn’t know.

When this has made you curious, then sign up here for the free 7-day video series with Stuart and Jay, the co-founders of SFM. That’s the way we got familiar with SFM and  our possibilities.

What people say about SFM

“Since being a member of the Six Figure Mentors, I have learnt so much when it comes to running my online business. If you are serious about starting your own business then I cannot recommend this enough.”

– Michael K, UK

“I’d never done any kind of sales before so the training on customer retention was fabulous! I went through this early on when I started and it really helped build the foundation for me to succeed in becoming a Digital Entrepreneur. It’s great stuff! All self-paced and available 24/7 so it’s there when you’re ready.”

– Kelly Donagan, USA

“I have been a member of the SFM Elite program for a little over 4 months now
and I can’t believe how much I have grown as an online business owner. I have been studying the “Art” of online marketing for about 6 years in total and I have learned more applicable knowledge in these last four months than I have in the last 6 years. What I have been doing for the last six years has literally been a waste of time. Until now.”

– Ulises Rabeiro, USA

SFM – Six Figure Mentors

SFM is an online marketing education platform for all our new to learn knowledge, skills and tools that we need to build up our own online marketing business. And it includes so much more.

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Our Vision

In our vision we see many other ‘like-minded’ people discover what we discovered about starting a new life. That they realise what it takes to make that change happen, and do it.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to build up a successful online marketing business and create the lifestyle we desire. Live and work with freedom in time, location and money.

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Our Values

Live and let live. Be there for others but don’t interfere in their lives.

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