About us

She is Jolanda. He is Ruud. We are in a bit of a change. A big change actually.

Enjoying everyday life and making the most out of it is the base of our life. We decided to change and improve our lifestyle. Now, still working 9 to 5, we are building up our own online marketing business that will provide us with several freedoms.

  • The freedom to work and live where we want.
  • The freedom to work when we want.
  • The freedom to do work we love.

The new freedom allows us to spend long periods of the year abroad. Enjoy new and inspirational surroundings, cultures and people. And escape the wet winters in Holland 

An extra freedom: we have a 26-year-old son and a 23-year-old daughter that just graduated from University. Because they are grown-ups now, we have all the freedom to choose a completely different life.

We are Reinventing Our Life so to speak.

After a 33 year relationship and much more wisdom,  it is logical to have different desires and wishes than when we were (very) young and just starting our relationship. So we are on an exciting journey towards our dream life!  And that’s what’s we want to share with you among all other valuable and fun info.

We are changing our lives 180 degrees. We have no plan B, we are intensely focused on succeeding. Study and work hard.

We know that we are responsible for how our life will look like so we work consistently, focused on achieving our freedom, with the help of mind-setting and the Law of Attraction. Working with a passion for reinventing our lives and enjoying the whole journey. Even if we are distracted by growing pains. To achieve a new life we need to be a new person first. That’s exciting and scary at the same time.

So, very pleased to meet you and when you read below you can learn some more about our stories.

I had a normal youth. Middle school education and then a nurse education. In my twenties I worked in hospitals and retirement-homes. Later on I had other jobs; administration and catering.In the meantime our son Thomas and daughter Suzanne were born and I worked part time and was much at home for them.

The last few years I was unemployed and I’ve used the time to develop myself in different spiritual ways, mostly about the power of the mind and how it affects life and health. And I studied several alternative healing-systems.

Life is so interesting since I study it and it became greater every time I learned something new about it.

Our encounter with SFM is a mix of all my dreams coming through because:

  • I wanted to live out of our own country for longer periods to enjoy different countries and people.
  • I wanted to use all my skills in a nice job (organising, learning new things, keep overview, find the easiest ways, etc.).
  • I wanted to use my intelligence and intuition more effectively in work.
  • I wanted to write; blogs, books, info etc.
  • I wanted to do work that lets my creative energy flow.
  • I wanted to use my human knowledge and social skills.
  • I wanted to have “thinking out of the box”- work.

All those things come together in this new job.

I’m addicted to “Feeling Good”, and I use all my knowledge to stay in that zone as much as I can. My surroundings are irritated sometimes because I only want to see possibilities and the good part in everything. To bad.

I love music, swimming, biking, Italian food, a good book and sunshine.

I love new inventions and good ideas and out of the box thinking.

I love my intuition and all the perfect ideas that it brings me.

I love my family and I love my new life with Ruud.

I love to communicate with all of the beautiful new people that I meet in this new and crispy life.

Nice to meet you. Jolanda

 A looooong time ago…

I had a youth without real worries. As the youngest of 4 I was spoiled in the eyes of my brothers and sister who are 11, 15 and 20 years older than me. I finished my schools as expected.

In ’84/’85 I served in the Royal Netherlands Air Force for my draft period. After that, I had a few jobs that went on-and-off. In ’87 I got a job with a wholesaler in construction materials. I went through different positions in that company in the 11 years I worked there, from counter sales to IT. The IT was something I enjoyed very much, not the hardware but the software. It was more of a hobby to get it all setup and running smoothly.

Oh, and along the way, of course, I married Jolanda in 1989 

A little less looooong ago…

In ’98 I saw and grabbed a job opportunity with the software supplier we worked with at the time. I applied and became a software implementation consultant. My knowledge and skills from the previous 11 years proved to be a big advantage because the companies that were my new customers were all in the same line of business I had just left. Wishes and desires they had (only related to our software…) didn’t need much explanation; in most cases, I instinctively understood what they were talking about.

So, in fact, I managed to make my money with my ‘IT hobby’.My other hobby was making music. I play keyboards and I sing. However it was not a complete income, in some years I was able to pay a big part of our vacation from my band revenues. A long time ago I even started to write songs myself. The best one of them was recorded by the band I was in at the time. I must be ‘ 94 or so, I look very young. I’m the 2nd from the left. Oh, so young and handsome  Click Play to hear my song ‘Hold on’ ….  Let me know if you like it!

lowlands law

Lowlands Law

More recent…

In the period after 2012, I slowly lost fulfilment in my job and got health issues. And I kept ignoring my body that protested against the long work days, working evenings/weekends, the stress and frustration about all kinds of things, commuting up to 3-5 hours a day. Early 2016 my body definitely said ‘STOP’. I partially lost my eyesight by some kind of attack. In the course of the medical exams, I was also diagnosed with diabetes 2.

You normally don’t think about the consequences of losing your eyesight. Until it happens to yourself….. I lost my drivers license for 1 year. Thank god the situation slowly got better and after the year, I got the OK  to drive again!


All my life, just like everybody, I had dreams about a better or different sort of life. You see people in a big house, a nice car… I want that too! Ignoring what they have to do (or not) to keep the appearances up. But it stays with dreaming and jealous looks. Over the last years I also thought about a change but more like ‘should I change job ?’, ‘what are my abilities?’, ‘what about finances?’, ‘am I good enough to do that other job?’…. Exactly, the answers justifying me staying right where I was… So, not good….

When Jolanda saw Stuart Ross from SFM on his Pedalo again it was like lightning struck. Jolanda was also looking for change and opportunities for a long time already and suddenly this came on our path. Coincidence ?  Or was this the moment we’d been waiting for?

We got very excited and started to read and watch all possible information we had available. We felt that it was a perfect fit.

And here we are. You are reading my life story on this website which is the result of the work we have done the past months. We have started our online business and this is a part of it., building a relationship with like-minded people who are interested and want to know more. Showing ourselves to you and that we are real people just like you.

Warm regards,



In our vision we see many other ‘like-minded’ people discover what we discovered about starting a new life. That they realize what it takes to make that change happen, and do it.

We want to be an example for those people and make them understand what they can accomplish.


Our mission is to build up a successful online marketing business and create the lifestyle we desire. Live and work with freedom in time, location and money.

Create time to enjoy our life and also share our experiences and knowledge to help other people to improve their lifestyle.

Share information and experiences about different ways of self-improvement, living a great life. Follow our heart and do what feels good for ourselves and others.

Values and life rules

Live and let live. Be there for others but don’t interfere in their lives.

Share from love, not from obligation. We discovered the difference between them. You think you have to do something for someone. And you do it from a feeling of duty. Our experience is that a. it doesn’t feel good and b. it doesn’t do much good to the other. But sharing because it gives you a great feeling works. That feels good for both and much more gets accomplished.

Enjoy life as much as you can. You can always find a reason not to enjoy life. Misery, illness, poverty on tv etc. But you also can always find a reason to enjoy life, no matter what. Using misery to get a bad feeling. Or use it to remind you to focus on feeling good.

Develop yourself. Learn something every day. Build up more value in your life. It’s good for yourself, it raises the quality of life and you have more to share with others around you.

Live consciously and make conscious decisions. Think and feel before you do something. It gives life so much more depth and harmony. And everything goes so much smoother and easier.

Keep being amazed. Look around you and enjoy all the beauty and the good things. A butterfly. The full supermarket and the money to buy your groceries. A friendly face in a crowded train. Just enjoy it.

Focus on the positive. There is always a little positive aspect. In everything. By focusing on that little positive part it will grow and the negative will get less attention and shrink.

See what it brings instead of what it costs. It’s a spinoff of focusing on the positive. Let grow the part of a situation that you like instead of letting grow what you do not like. Focus is the key. Don’t let the negative voice in.

Live intentionally. In the morning, just after awakening, think or write how you would experience your day. And it can be done before all kind of moments. How do you want to experience a particular moment? Think about it, feel it for a moment. Then let it go.

Fail forward and fail quickly. A rule learned from one of my mentors with SFM. And it’s a good one. When something goes wrong, get very angry for a minute. Then pick up the pieces, look what you can learn from it and what you will do different next time and go on. No time wasted here.

Feeling good first. Doing something with a bad feeling brings not much good. When you don’t feel very well, try to take the time to improve your feeling and then take action. The feeling is better and the action too.