Napoleon Hill was far ahead of his time. He talked about the principle of The law of attraction long before someone did use that name. He made a list of the most important emotions. 7 Good and 7 Bad feeling emotions. And he recommends only to focus on the good ones.

Desire                       Fear
Faith                          Jealousy
Love                           Hatred
Sex                             Revenge
Enthusiasm              Greed
Romance                  Superstition
Hope                         Anger

Like Attracts Like.

Hill recommended it because the focus on good feelings attracts more good feelings and more good feeling situations.

It sounds easy and it is. Accept….  Most people did build up so much momentum on bad feelings. We have to make a profound and conscious switch. I did make it and will explain how.

Several years ago I found Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction. I understood how the Law worked and started immediately focusing on good feeling thoughts. But on some subjects, it was very difficult.


Thoughts we practice so long and before us, our family and surrounding. The negative momentum on that thoughts is huge. And focus on feeling good is too hard.

But I learned that distracting yourself is the answer. Every time, for instance, when I thought that I had to get slimmer and lighter, I couldn’t change it in “I am ok, it’s all right”.

The thoughts in my family, surrounding and the country about overweight are so intense that there was no way to change those thoughts in good ones. So, distracting every time there popped up such a thought was the answer. And over time the bad feelings subside bit by bit. The negative momentum became smaller.

And now the feeling of my weight is so much softer and loving. The good feelings about it have a chance now.

Esther Hicks told that by setting ‘feeling good’ on NR.1 in your life makes leaning to it easier. So I did.

It didn’t work from day one, but the change came. It became easier to set good feelings in the place of bad ones.

The understanding of how it works is cardinal.

Every time a bad feeling arises the periods of time they bother me gets shorter because I get a ‘sign’. It says “Feeling bad? Now that’s not good. I don’t want that. I want to feel good. What can I do? Thinking of better feeling things or distract me”. “Ok, I can do that”.

And then I distract myself. Do something nice like watching a movie or series. Read a good book. Take a walk. Listen to good music or visualize me on a Mediterranean beach in France. And the feeling gets better quick.

And so the balance of good and bad tend to lean more and more to the good.

Great. But there is a (minor) downside. I like detectives on TV and in books. But all the terror and murder and fear in it let me feel those feelings also. And that is not going to help me with my NR.1 priority. It takes a few hours before I can feel good again. That’s too much So, I stopped with them. Only for “House of Cards” and “Lewis” I make an exception.

Are you setting Feeling Good on NR. 1 in your life too?

It can totally change your life, you know!

Thank you for reading.

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