Picture yourself in 10 years? Do you like what you see?

Do you live the life you promised yourself? Do you have time to live life at all?

Just recently I discovered the importance of these questions. And I started wondering. Where was I all this time? What was I thinking? Nothing, I’m afraid. Just living on the autopilot.

Did you think seriously about these questions lately? Maybe you need to read this quote.

“When you do the same things you did the last 10 years, you will get the same results you’ve got the last 10 years”.

I heard this sentence a lot since we’ve started with SFM, The Six Figure Mentors, an online marketing education platform.

A Big Wake Up Call.

Not that I have a bad life, but staying the same person, doing the same things and getting the same results over and over again, was a scary picture. And that’s not my goal.

But what is my goal? I didn’t have a clue. Apart from vague things like having more money, spending more time in other countries and stay healthy, me as well as my family. That’s just about it. Things I want but without a plan how to get it.
A ‘goalless or purposeless life’.

The Wake Up Call truly woke me up and now I live ‘A Purposeful Life’. I focus daily on my goals and on what I can do to get a step closer.

I’m happy with the change but still, it puzzles me how I, 51 years old, never had a real goal to live for. How could that be?

Maybe because that’s how I was raised and because I never met anyone who made me see the importance of it.

And maybe because everyone around me lived the same way.

Living life, from paycheck to paycheck. Planning a vacation. Sometimes there are sad periods, and besides that, try to live a happy life.

But that’s it. And that’s history now.

I am now creating a bright and fresh future.

1. I want to make conscious decisions from now on and live a purposeful life. Moving forward in life instead of living a status quo year after year .

2. I want to create a stable financial situation by ourselves, instead of being dependent on a salary, and a company, and the 12 hours that Ruud, my husband, has to work and commute every day.

3. I want to stay longer parts of the year in other places and countries, doing fulfilling work. Getting inspired and help other people providing such a life too.

4. I am developing myself to become even more happy and be an example of what is possible.

And you know what? It’s so much more interesting to wake up in the morning with a goal. Being eager to do what is necessary to reach my goals. Not having that uncomfortable feeling of unfulfillment when the alarm goes off.

And how about you? Is it still not important for you where you see yourself in 10 years?

 Or do you want more freedom in 10 years or sooner?
More time for just living life with all the important people around you?
More time and money to travel maybe?
Or do want to have your debts paid off?


What are your goals, hidden in the back of your mind?Dust them off and see what happens.

There is a chance that we can help you achieve your goals.
Creating a new lifestyle by working in the digital economy can be your way.
I can show you how online marketing education provides so many new opportunities.

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A massive chance to create a dream life.



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