Why do we need a purpose in life?

Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) was an American author. In these days we would probably call him a ‘self-help’  author. After he got an assignment from one of the most powerful and successful Americans in history (Andrew Carnegie) Hill spent 2 decades of his life on the research of the Laws of Success. And with success … One of his books is still a major best seller, ‘Think and grow rich’ sold over 100 million copies by 2015!

I’m studying Mr Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and grow rich’ philosophy to apply it into my own life. Caused by several reasons, I had to make a choice between continuing health/work-struggle of the last years (which option was a no-go) or make a life changing U-turn and start something completely different. Besides that, I wanted to do something for myself, not work for anyone else, and do work I love to do. I needed a purpose in life.

The choice was easy and I made it together with my wife Jolanda. A new start. As a sort of symbolic opening act, we decided to unclutter our lives of all kinds of unnecessary stuff. Mainly material things we had surrounded ourselves with over the past 25 years. Sold, gave away, threw away… Gone for ever… And what an immense space that gave! Not only physically but also mentally!

Shortly after, and exactly at the right moment, we discovered the world of online marketing. We dived into it and decided that this was our way to reboot ourselves. And now, in order to build our dream life, my wife Jolanda and I have started our own online business. We’re educated and coached by online marketing experts. But for a very important part, our business blueprint is based on the Law of Attraction and the philosophy that Napoleon Hill wrote down so well. By working on our personal development and creating self-awareness, we create a ‘receive-modus’ for ourselves, the key to success. But that modus can only be achieved after we’ve mastered the ‘give-modus’. I heard Mr. Hill call it The ‘Law of increasing returns’ when he described ‘Going the extra mile’. And that’s what we do.

Big decisions, big actions. And we’re on the road. We have determined our purpose….

The purpose

As Napoleon Hill calls it, we need a ‘Major Definite Purpose’. A goal we set for ourselves as a life purpose. In other words, define our burning desire; a thought that we have so much faith in that we can visualize the outcome, see ourselves as who we are when we’ve achieved our purpose.

A little vague?…. I’ll try to explain… The Hill philosophy is based on the fact that we create our own reality with our mind. Hill said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”. Get it? Our mind is full of thoughts, partly conscious and partly unconscious. Feelings, hunches, fear, joy, desires….. When we think about our desire we can visualize it, see it before our eyes.

Well, now think of those visualization thoughts as things. When thoughts reach our unconscious and they are empowered by belief and persistence they can transform into material objects. Including money. But over time, that is… not tomorrow…  wow

I Confess

When we look around, we can see people working day in day out, earning their salary to be able to buy food, clothes, some nice things and have a place to live and sleep. But they seem to have no real purpose in life than just to exist. And if that is true, a big part of their life is wasted.

And for a very long time I was just like them, I must say….









Because of their past achievements they may assume that future achievements can’t get any better. But please, don’t measure your future by your past! These limitations in life are set by our own minds. But it’s not our fault. It’s our history that created this mindset. And it can be changed!

Hill stated that a person needs the same amount of energy to be ambitious in life, and demand abundance and wealth than one needs to accept misery and pain! Use that fact for your benefit!

Non-cooperative Subconsciousness

Our subconscious is permanently trying to avoid any changes that we put through. We have to order our subconscious, it needs orders. And we can do that by repetition.

So what do we want to achieve in life? What is our purpose? How much money do we want to make? What do we want to leave behind when we’re gone? That thought, that belief, that burning desire is our purpose!

Here’s a free interpretation of Mr Hill’s 6 instructions regarding money:

  1. Name the exact amount of money you want to obtain
  2. Describe what you are going to give in return for the money
  3. Set the ultimate date to achieve your purpose
  4. Make a plan to achieve your burning desire and start acting on it immediately
  5. Write everything down; the amount, your return, the date, the plan
  6. Read it out loud to yourself, at least twice a day

The repetition can be done as much as possible. It’s important to speak out loud to your unconscious with emotion, belief, trust!


Sounds difficult? Not if you have that truly burning desire. It’s not hard work, no sacrifice. You need to use your fantasy and creativity, and understand that obtaining the money can not be left to luck or coincidence!

This blog was inspired by Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It does not cover the complete philosophy that Hill developed. I will write more blogs about the subject. By the time you want to know more about it, you should purchase the book and study it.


Thank you for reading!

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