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Hello and welcome

We are Jolanda and Ruud, Dutch, and very married since ’89. We raised 2 wonderful kids, boy and girl, they’re both adults now. OK, that’s the nutshell… So far, so good.

But like many people, we actually lived a pretty average life. Maybe even boring.

Sounds familiar?

Then stay with us…This could be your breakthrough. Especially, if you’re open-minded enough to see how we are transforming our life and started our own online business.

If we can inspire just one person, today, to wake up to his/her own potential, our mission is successful.

And who knows? Today it might be you!

Why Are We Doing This?

From a certain moment, things started to change for us. Not immediately in a good way, but it slowly got better and better. And it keeps getting better and better!

We’re extremely grateful for the opportunities we get on our journey. It gave us a completely new perspective on life, work, job, money, on our future. In other words….

It’s time to share our story!

On this website and on our social media channels, we share our experiences, good and bad, and how we deal with them. We love sharing all the resources with you, that help us on our journey. Some resources are free, some of them are not. It's all up to you.

We share what we learn, and explain how we are improving our life and ourselves, the incredible transformation we’re going through. And we show you how we’ve learned to start our own online business, from scratch, without any experience!

In our early fifties, we started to Reinvent Life.

And if we can, why shouldn't you?

A Blessing In Disguise

The boring life ended with a big bang, early 2016, when the shit hit the fan… Ruud had worked way too much and way too hard over the previous years. His health had already showed some serious cracks. Despite that, he kept living like a robot, and wouldn’t listen to anything or anyone.

He suffered from stress, dissatisfaction, frustration, unfulfillment, and eventually it really went wrong. Part of the end result was a visual handicap which caused him to drop out of his career, of driving, and lots of other things.

Since then, our lives have been totally turned upside down. Not just in a bad way, that was just at the start. After a year or so, we decided to keep a positive attitude, and we started looking ahead. Pretty soon, a new life started to appear, full of incredible opportunities

We’ll get to that in a minute…

Expectations Of Others


We have totally different backgrounds. But still, the average life we had was pretty similar, and that was not a real surprise. We all copy things from our parents, family, teachers, our environment, and we do what’s expected of us.

So that’s what we did. We finished our schools, started working, met each other and fell in love. Pretty soon, we bought a house, we got married, got kids, pets, and so on…. You might know it.

Life went on, we followed the examples around us. Just like everybody else, we focused on making enough money to pay the bills, raise our kids, go out sometimes and plan our vacations. And of course, to buy a bigger house…

Looking back now, we had no idea that we got ourselves stuck in that status quo. Not aware that we were wasting our lives in mediocrity, without any progress, and complaining about all the things we didn’t have.


Ruud started working even more hours then before.

The stress and frustration got worse and worse, and he lived a unhealthy, and ‘robot-like’ life.

He was so absorbed by his job that Jolanda couldn’t reach him.

She saw he wasn’t well and feeling unhappy, but Ruud wouldn’t see it.

And then his health crashed, and with that, also his career. 

Things came to a hold, like life had suddenly stopped. 

We were 51 and 50. Now what?
Hang in front of the TV? 
No purpose to come out of bed every day? 
Please, NO! We had to a way of earning a new income!

That’s when the magic started to happen!

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Opportunities and growth

When we stopped feeling like victims, and got over the ‘now-what’ phase, a great opportunity popped up. We could start learning again, re-skilling ourselves to earn a living online and start our own online business.

No, wait! We can almost hear you say “O wow, is that ‘The great opportunity?”. Well, yes and no, at least not right away. We made a mistake many people make: at first, we didn’t see the huge opportunity that was right in front of us.

It took a while to realize that we could learn how to do our work online, whenever, wherever we want. We could earn a living at home, in Italy, Spain, or France. Countries we want to spend a lot of time in.

This was our chance to turn a bad thing into an incredible new life. A life far bigger than we ever dared to dream of.

Looking back at our journey over the last years, we’ve learned so much. About building an online business, how to use social media for our business, improve our English, building websites, copywriting, video editing, online marketing. Lots of stuff!

Personal Growth

But most important, we learn about ourselves, about life! We are transforming our lives. Each and every day, we work on our personal growth and we choose happiness. We share a lot about the resources we use on that journey. We love to show people ways to create a different life for themselves too.


Be aware, there’s work to do if you want to become the person you want to be! Reading, listening, watching, studying… We love doing it, and it has become a very important part of our daily routine. If we miss a single day, we feel bad, and we can hardly wait to pick up the routine again.

It’s sad, that so many people live an unfulfilled, unhappy life. Deep down they may have a secret desire for something different, better, for change. But they just don’t see how to do it. They don’ see that there are opportunities to improve their lives drastically.

In some cases, they just refuse to see it. That's sad... They have a desire, but fear and doubt are holding them back. And that’s exactly the thing the we work on the most – our own limiting beliefs, and our ill-programmed mind. With incredible results!

Educating Ourselves again

We got lucky to find a fantastic group of people who showed us a way to really do something different, and how to start building a completely new life style.

A meaningful life, with fulfilment and happiness. We started learning again, and the new skills really opened our eyes. Our future lies in the online world.

The digital education platform we joined, is such an amazing place. Incredibly driven, visionary leaders, mentors, coaches. They teach people the skills to earn a living outside the 9to5. To live your life on your own terms. A much more authentic and meaningful life than what we knew. A life focused on what you want and gives you fulfilment. Awesome, just awesome!

As a bonus, we get to meet a lot of inspiring and out-of-the-box people, online and in real life. Like us, they learn new skills because they had a desire for change in their lives. But we’re all different, of all ages, with different backgrounds and different reasons to be here. Despite all that, everybody understands and supports each other.


So Where Are We Now?

We’ve already taken big steps towards our new lifestyle of freedom, the Laptop Lifestyle. Bold decisions. Following our intuition. Making big changes. All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for us in our new life.

We’ve sold the house we’ve lived in for 27 years. We moved to a different part of the country, into a fantastic apartment. Rented, no maintenance anymore, so we’re free to go travelling whenever we want.

By the way, the apartment looks exactly like the image we had in mind. Just look at it!

We said bye-bye to Ruud’s career. We swapped the big company-car for a smaller freedom-car which brings us to beautiful places, again and again.

Ruud’s visual limitations and the side effects, crashed his career, and we had no choice but to accept that. But building our online business together, gives us the freedom we wanted, and Jolanda can do most of the visual tasks which are too strenuous for Ruud.

Where do you want to go?

Do you want to have more time with your family and kids?
Or live a more meaningful life?
Do you want more out of life, travel and enjoy?
Time and financial freedom?

This really is a great solution. Even if, or especially if, you have some limitations, like Ruud does. Big parts of an online business can even be automated, and running for you while you sleep. It allows you to choose your own working hours, how much work you do, and what kind of work you do, and where you do it.

Please, take our advice…. 
Don’t follow Ruud’s example. 
Don’t wait until your body tells you!

Make a decision and act. Thinking about it will not get you there, you need to take action. Waiting for the right moment won’t work as well. You’ll keep procrastinating, because there will never be a right moment.

We could never have imagined where we are right now. It has been, is and will be a time of learning, working, but most of all by changing ourselves. Because different results need different actions and different mindsets. And in our case, online business was totally new, and to get successful we need big shifts. But we’re getting there!

Our  Future

We have a new word for our future: workation. From now on, we work from our apartment, from a nice cafe, or wherever we want. From all the amazing places we'll travel to. We love to stay in a little town in Italy or France for example, and be a part of the community for at least a few months a year. Or a little apartment in the heart of Rome or Barcelona.

We do the work we love to do, and still have plenty of time to enjoy life, the surroundings, and time to invest in our hobbies and passions. And to invest in our personal growth, increase our value so we can keep giving back.

It’s our mission to encourage you to wake up, make you aware that you can improve your lifestyle too. In any way, shape or form. We want to inspire people like us, who see no way out of their life, people who have (almost) lost hope for a better life.

We are so grateful for the opportunity we got. Sharing that with you, informing you, so you know you have a choice, gives us ultimate fulfilment.

For more information about our digital education platform, follow this link. We'll give you access to the FREE video workshops about creating a dream life in the online world.

Speak soon,
Jolanda and Ruud

*This is our full disclaimer. Please be sure to read it carefully so you know exactly where you stand:

Note that individual results will vary and income success is not guaranteed. Our goal is to give you the online tools and education to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. While our business system is proven by the genuine achievements of our members, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program, because it all depends on your determination, hard work and ability to follow directions. As an entrepreneur, the understanding needs to be in place that you will take full responsibility for your business.

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