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Nothing comes for free… Oh really?
All my life, I’ve been hearing this cliché that ‘Nothing comes for free’… No problem, because I never really gave[...]
Meet Stick Man and the Terror Barrier
Meet Stick Man! 😀 Bob Proctor uses this image in almost every one of his teachings. The first time I saw[...]
Ikigai – your reason for being
How to find your Ikigai - your reason for being, your purpose, your passion, meaning in life? Get out of your comfort zone and get to work!
A Different Perspective On Work
In this post I'll try to give you a different perspective on work. In most jobs you trade your time[...]
How Good Is Your Job? 5 Questions That Might Help You
A few mornings ago, I had a little flashback memory, triggered by what I saw on the street below. It[...]
If you never do something new, you’ll never be something new
You have to do something new to be something new. It's a cliche maybe, but nothing's gonna change without change. And it all starts with you.
How To Free Yourself And Stop Sleepwalking Through Life
This is about sleepwalking as a state of mind. MY state of mind for the first 51 years of my[...]
How thoughts can transform your life
Thinking about my vision freaked me out at first. But I've come to understand that our thoughts, our imagination, are the most powerful tools we have. Use them!
Tips to deal with negative energy
How can you improve positivity in your life? One of the ways is avoid negative energy. Here are some tips I apply in my life. They work incredibly well for me.
The concept of Workation
Work and vacation are two concepts we all know. Unfortunately the balance between them is often not what makes us happy. Find out about this concept: Workation
Will – Focus – Will
One of my struggles is my focus. But I'm learning, and on the way I've picked up some things that might help you too. Will, focus, will, focus, it's a circle...
Everybody deserves to live their best life, right?!We believe that from the bottom of our heart.As ex corporate employees we[...]
How I reclaimed life at age 52
It's scary when your life gets turned upside down, especially if you're in your early fifties. But also exciting, and it can improve your life incredibly!
Personal growth and success
If making money online was so easy, why isn't everybody successfully doing it? It could be that they miss an important part; their mindset, personal growth...
Increasing Life In A Certain Way
Life means growth, increase. Is it OK to conclude that as living creatures we need growth, and increase? Otherwise we would only exist, nothing more, right?
Haste makes waste
In any business or education, like in ours, it's important to pay attention. If you surround yourself with experts and then ignore their advice because you want to go fast, you might lose track.
Life happens for you not to you
We can't control all events in our life. But we can choose how we respond. We're responsible, no one else. Everything happens for a reason. For you.
True fulfilment only comes from helping others
That’s me, being happy at a Norwegian lake. The fulfilment quote resonated with me, because it’s exactly what I’ve been working on for the past few years. 
What do you do for a living?
I had an interesting conversation at the barber shop. "What do you for a living?", the lady asked. I told her I work from where I want, as online entrepreneur.
What is your biggest desire?
Some people do get rich, and a lot don't. Why? They have desire but they're not doing anything about it. The Science of Getting Rich gives us new perspective.
Discover the benefits of a good challenge
If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to take action, change your behaviour, develop good habits. Make the consequences of NOT acting big enough!
Allow yourself to be successful
Being successful... the dream of many people... We ask/pray for success, but something is holding us back from receiving what we want. We don't allow it...
How to quit procrastinating
Procrastination is a killer if you want to achieve your goals. It's important to find ways to avoid it, to get rid of it. Here's just one of many ways to start.
Why do we do what we do?
For some crazy reason our life is mostly controlled by our habits. What we don't realize, a lot of those habits are not working for us, but against us.
The power of our mind
Most people have no idea what they're capable of. Your mind can be a powerful instrument in achieving your goals, manifest what you want. If you use it right.
Curiosity will not kill you
Curiosity is good. It triggers you to discover new opportunities. Our curiosity has brought us some changes in our life that we didn't believe were possible.
Seven Decisions For Success – Epilogue
The Traveler's Gift- Seven Decisions for Success. About choices we all have in life. Lessons that can make the difference between failure and success. My introduction.
7. I will persist without exception
Persistence is something we learn as a child. But too often it's also normal to quit when you think you can't go any further. That's exactly the time when you should go on. Why?
6. I will greet the day with a forgiving spirit
Forgiving is purely related to other people, right? About something they said, or did to you. But maybe the other person is not even aware that something is wrong. You're the only one losing sleep over it. You should forgive yourself...
5. Today I choose to be happy
Amsterdam 1943. Imagine a 13 year old girl who has made a big decision. She chooses to be happy and grateful every day. Incredible, isn't it? Whatever happens, the one thing that can't be taken away from you are the thoughts you choose.
4. I have a decided heart
In his days, people thought Columbus was absolutely crazy. The plans he had to discover a new world, were so far out of the box, that nobody wanted to support him. It took him 19 years to find a sponsor. Now that's an example of vision, imagination, focus, and will power.
3. I am a person of action
An action can seem stupid, or unimportant. In the course of history such an action can have great impact. This action taker proved that. Without this one bold decision, the world as we know today might have looked a whole lot different.
2. I will seek wisdom
Seeking wisdom is not just about books and knowledge. It's important that you surround yourself with the right people. It's start as a kid. You become who you hangout with. But as an adult it's no difference. Wanna fly high? Surround yourself with eagles!
1. The buck stops here
Blaming others. Blaming circumstances. Blaming everything. As long as it's not me. Most people think like that. But we forget that we have a responsibility for our own life. We can't control what happens to us, but it's our choice how we respond...
Seven Decisions For Success – Intro
The Traveler's Gift- Seven Decisions for Success, about choices we all have in life. Lessons that can make the difference between failure and success. This is the start of a series of blogs about the books, the lessons, and what I've learned. And I'll keep learning.
The delusion of the comfort zone
Planning big changes in your life? I hope you achieve them. But there is chance that your ego's defense system will take control. Don't let it, it's your life.
3 Tips to deal with self sabotage
We talk to ourselves, and not in a very positive way. How often do you call yourself an idiot? The good news is, you can change it and stop this sabotage.