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Video Editing with Filmora 9 – Starter course

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Filmora video editor

Let’s make video editing easy for you!

How to edit videos with Filmora? This course will teach you the skills to edit and create fantastic videos with Filmora 9.

  • For yourself, to unleash your creativity and a lot of fun.
  • For all kinds of Social Media content.
  • It’s perfect for Vloggers,
  • and of course, for Video Marketing purposes.
  • Also for creating great Business videos.
  • To create precious Holiday memories,
  • or incredible Birth-, Wedding- or Party-videos.

No matter what purpose you have, Filmora is really easy to work with once you know the basics.

I know, it can be frustrating to see others making beautiful videos! You wish you could do that kind of stuff too, right?
Well, stop wishing, because here’s what you need! Let’s make it easy for you, and help you get the skills to do that.


My name is Ruud, and when I first started editing videos, it took me ages to find the tutorials I needed. There’s an incredible lot of free stuff on YouTube, of course, but all the distractions in there were driving me completely crazy as well.

That’s why I decided to help others to skip the overwhelm and struggle, and create an easy accessable, friendly-priced course where you can learn how to create awesome videos – free of overwhelm, free of ads and laser focused. Just you, your videos, the Filmora editor, and me…


The Filmora editor is a great tool, I’ve been using the it for some years now, and I’m really happy with it. It’s a great editor to start with; in fact, it still suits my needs on the editing front. You can check out some of the videos I edited with Filmora on one of our YouTube playlists.

If you haven’t purchased or downloaded Filmora yet, you can do that by clicking HERE. You can download and try it for free! The free version works exactly the same as the paid version, but the videos you export will have a Filmora logo on it. You can simply remove the logo by buying a license. I trust that the price will be a pleasant surprise.

Kind regards,

Here is a breakdown of the contents

  • Lifetime access: to all the content in this course.
  • 3+ hours of video: Bite sized videos, max. 15 minutes on how to get started, editing video, audio, images, and using effects, elements, transitions.
  • Live webinars and Q&A: You’ll be invited by email to join these events. Jump in live and let me answer your questions.
  • Downloadable reference guide: Everything you learn during the course, captured in a practical PDF document.
  • Email updates: Notifications when new trainings and resources are added, and other updates that might interest you.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: I am sure that you will get loads of value out of this, however if you follow the steps of the program AND you’re still not satisfied with the results, we will refund you withing 30 days of the purchase date.
  • 25% Discount on Advanced course: When you purchase the advanced course on Filmora, you receive a 25% discount. It’s development is still in progress. Of course, I’ll send you an email when it’s launched!

See the detailed content of the training in the overview below!

Here’s what others say after attending my live Filmora workshops


” As someone who had some experience before this course, I can confidently recommend this workshop for anyone, whether you’re just a beginner or have already dabbled in Video Editing. I enjoyed all the tips and tricks in using text and special effects. The overall presentation was excellent, clear and concise without any disturbing loud music or annoying sound effects. I’ve learned a lot of new techniques. “

Eytan – South Africa

video editing student

” As a result of these webinars, I can now produce really professional videos and have already published several on YouTube. I started with absolutely zero video making skills! I never would have thought that I would get this good in such a short time so I am really happy that I took part in these webinars. Thanks very much Ruud. “

Vicki – Germany

video editing student

“When I  started learning Filmora with Ruud, not only did I  know nothing about video editing, I  also didn’t believe that I  would actually be able to learn how to edit videos. I  had never done it before and always thought it was very difficult. By the end of the course, I  was able to edit my own videos and had a solid grasp of how to use Filmora 9. “

Eytan – South Africa

video editing student

“I just wanted to say a big “Thank You!” for your training on Filmora. It really was a lifesaver. Thanks to your training and expertise, I was able to pick up the basics of Filmora in no time. Now I am using your training to create more professional-looking videos. The other major benefit is it only takes me about half the time it used to complete a video project. “

Charlie – US

“I had some limited experience of video editing using Final Cut Pro prior to attending Ruud’s workshops, but I hadn’t used Filmora before. I now have a copy and use it regularly to edit my YouTube and Facebook videos, using skills I picked up in Ruud’s workshops. Thank you Ruud for your energy, enthusiasm and your cheeky sense of fun!”

Caroline – UK

video editing student

“I learnt such a lot about video editing. Ruud goes through things that I never knew existed. Ruud makes this a very easy learning process, step by step training, basically monkey see, monkey do. I fully recommend this course.”

Mike – Spain

video editing student

“Ruud has the gift of breaking down the daunting topic of video editing into simple, manageable chunks. The way he goes through the material is so intuitive and easy to remember that I rarely ever had to go back and rewatch anything. He puts effort not only into the technical preparation of his course but also into making the experience of learning how to edit videos fun and enjoyable – and it becomes just that!”

Clara – Germany


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