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Simple  versus Easy

If earning money online was so easy, why isn’t everybody doing it?
If starting an online business was so easy, why isn’t everybody doing it?
How many people do you know who are doing it?

On a live event in London, one of our community friends was invited on stage to tell his story, and share how he created his success. He came up with a great comparison with running a marathon... 

Is it easy when it is simple?

The concept of a marathon is simple.. You just have to run from start to finish, no rocket science involved. But is it also easy? 

No way!

It takes self-discipline, training, commitment, training, persistence, more training, work on your personal growth, more training, faith, just keep on training, believe in yourself, continue training….

And in the end, maybe, just maybe, you might get the result you want.


What You See Is Not Always What You Get

Being in this online community for a few years, has taught us that an online business is kind of the same thing as that marathon. You have to put in the work. At first, we were just looking for a way to replace Ruud’s income. That’s why we decided to re-educate ourselves. Our goal was to get self sufficient by starting a successful online business.

Pretty soon, thanks to this amazing community and education, we realized that was absolutely not the complete picture. It got clear that this was not just about making money, but about becoming the best version of yourself. A journey of personal development, growth, self improvement, quality of life, awareness…

"I've grown more in the last 2 years than in the 50 years before"

- Ruud - 

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New dimension

For 20 years or so, Jolanda has been working on spiritual and personal growth, and knew a lot about the Law of Attraction already, for example. But especially for Ruud, this new dimension was far out of his comfort zone. 

Having been a corporate robot for the past 30 years, unaware of ‘something more’, it was quite a jump from looking for a new income, to working on his own personal growth. But he loves it! 

On top of the all the skills we learn, we have gotten into so many great wisdom to learn from on a personal level. First of all, from the mentors and coaches within the community, we owe them a lot! 

The list of external resources we use is so big, we’re not going to name them all here. These are just the important ones: Eckhart Tolle, Esther Hicks & Abraham, Bob Proctor, Andy Edwards, Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill.

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As said, these are just some of the people who inspire us and bring us forward on our journey to make the most of ourselves. In the community people share their valuable resources and help each other to find more growth. 

This advancing thought is one of the most special things about our community.

We developed a morning routine with meditation, positive thoughts, affirmations, gratitude exercises, preparing the day, sending love. It’s a great way to start the day, so we get up at 6am, every day.

Many people in the community, get up even earlier, to do their morning routine because they have to go to work after that.

It's a way to create good habits and that can change your life.


Shifting patterns

From within the community everybody’s encouraged to start creating new habits, change your patterns.

If you want different results, you have to do different things. We all know that.  Doing what you did, has brought you to where you are now, right? Keep doing those same things, won’t bring you to where you want to go.

The path of personal growth is deeply embedded in the company, in the education, throughout the whole community. Becoming aware of what you really want, discovering your values, your purpose, are just a few of the life-changing benefits that this journey can bring to you.

We feel grateful to be a part of it.

Every journey begins with a Small Step

Having said all this…

Why not invest in your future? Why not invest that little of your time? Just take a look at the education, and what you can do with it. Listen to what our mentors have to say about the digital age, the online economy, and all the opportunities. 

But please, remember what you've just read on this page: it’s not about the money, but about making the most of yourself and your life, improving your lifestyle, and earn an income at the same time. 

It’s an incredible opportunity for yourself, and for having a positive impact on the ones around you.


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